Monday, April 9, 2012

A Miracle Maker

Well actually I’m not talking about Sakura, cherry blossoms, or the "miracle worker", Anne Sullivan here.  However, this weeping cherry tree in the garden of the Museum Yamato Bunka-kan (大和文華館) in Nara is now so full in bloom, I’d like to show some of the pictures of it I took today.
This tree grew from a cutting taken from a weeping cherry tree in Fukushima - Miharu Takizakura-   30 years ago. Fortunately the mother cherry tree was not damaged by earthquake and tsunami last year. It is expected to blossom later than its child here.

I didn’t know the museum was closed today but as luck would have it, a guard let me in just to see the garden. There were none but a couple of people and I had the tree all to myself. This was the first time I saw it; what is better, it was in full bloom! I couldn’t help thinking of its home when I saw it.

Well, where does “miracle maker” come in?  I'm glad you asked!
These days, I have been thinking about subconscious mind. I read some Japanese books which introduce Dr. Joseph Murphy’s (1898-1981) idea of the “Golden Rule”: your life is what you imagine it will be, or what you believe makes you who you are. It’s about how to tap the infinite power of the subconscious mind in daily affairs or in business by showing a lot of examples and practical methods for achieving health, a peaceful state of mind, and a better self. 

For example, any idea that is emotionalized or felt by you, your subconscious mind accepts it as true and tries to realize it. So you should always try to impress upon it positive and desirable ideas. Some of you may already know this “law” but for me it was an eye-opener. A subconscious mind within me. It’d be wonderful to believe that; to believe something great within me makes “miracles”. I believe (secretly) my luck today came from it.


  1. Such beautiful blossoms there, lovely clicks of the pretty white flowers in full bloom.

    You were indeed lucky to get in in spite of it being a closed day. It is interesting to know the statement from the 'Golden Rule'. I had read in some book that when you think of something, there are frequencies in the universe that tune with your thoughts and help it come true. Hence, we should always think positive and good for us and for others too. Very enlightening thought, cosmos. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Cosmos,

    The tree is absolutely beautiful. It's hard to believe that it's only 30 years old. I wonder what the mother tree looks like! Thank you for sharing it with us.

    I think there is much truth in what you say about the subconscious mind. People who are positive always seem happy and fulfilled.

  3. Hi,Cosmos.

  4. Is this a dream or a reality? I feel like that I’m peeping into the another world to see the bird savoring the nectar. Maybe I’m between asleep and awake? These photos are so magical and fascinating that makes me feel so. Looks like you’ve gotten used to your new camera. Anyway, what an exuberant bloom! When I went ume-blossoms viewing to the Yamato Bunka-kan, the tree was exposing bare branches proudly in the cold air. Thanks for letting us see its florescence.

  5. You were very lucky to have the chance to see the tree today, because it looks from your photos as if it is the very best day to see it. Yesterday probably not so good, tomorrow maybe not so good.

    Yes, I agree it is important to tell your mind positive things. Sometimes I try to hyponotise myself and when I do this I always have to be sure to express myself in a positive way and never think of the negative. Otherwise the hypnotism doesn't work.

  6. Oh, but that tree is magnificent! I'm glad the guard let you in so that you could photograph it, and share its beauty with is. ^^

    PS: I've always believed happiness is a choice ...

  7. 美しいですね~。絵のよう。今日はこれからまたバタバタしますので、明日にでも見てこようかしら。こんな素晴らしい写真は決して撮れないけれど、この眼で見たくなりました。どうもありがとう!

  8. What an inspiring post. I do believe we all have miracle-makers inside ourselves.

    Your photos are so magical and utterly gorgeous!

  9. こんなに美しい桜が近くにあるなんて、オドロキです!! 一本でも何千本の桜を見ているような、奥行きのある美しさに、乾杯です!


  10. Hello cosmos!

    I also stopped by to your blog yesterday, but I just couldn't leave you any comment. I watched the incredible, unreal pictures for almost an hour, feeling as if I was there myself... what a strange sensation!
    Your post was a "miracle maker" for me yesterday, so thank you very much that!

    I didn't read anything written by Joseph Murphy, but I liked what Rurousha said about happiness being a choice. I think many times we are unhappy because we choose to remain hooked to things that hurt us in our past. After all, misery has a kind of voluptuousness in it too.
    On the other hand, the western "positive thinking" current, very popular here, might become a trap, because ignoring and not dealing with the suffering caused by things that hurt us, it will only increase it and make it worse. It's like hiding the dirt under the carpet: in the end, it will eventually come out. And we might not have enough energy to deal with all the amount, at once...

  11. I went today: it was closed again. I think it's always closed! But the gate was open and you could walk in the garden.
    The weather was cloudy and hazy, so it was hard to take good photos, but I could feel the magic. You had better weather, though.

  12. 古都の桜は やはり桁違いに見事ですね! w(*゚o゚*)w 花を愛するcosmosさんの愛情が感じられます。お花がお好きなんですね。皆さんに盛りの美しさをお披露目できて桜も嬉しい事でしょう。(*´∇`*) 桜の短い開花を逃すことなくご紹介頂けて感謝、感謝です。ありがとうございます。

  13. This post makes me feel so good knowing that the cutting taken from the Miharu Takizakura is now beautifully in bloom! At the same time I'm glad to know that the Takizakura in Fukushima is doing fine. I went to see the tree in Miharu several years ago and found it maginificent! It looks like the weeping cherry in Nara is encouraging us. Thanks so much for these great photos! The white-eye is really lovely!

    WOW! You read Joseph Murphy's "The Golden Rule"! Hmmm the power of the subconscious mind! It reminds me of the iceberg analogy: The mind is likened to an iceberg, only the tip of an icerberg, or the mind, is visible. This is our conscious. Just under the water line is our subconscious...
    I have always believed in the power of the subconscious!!

    で、私はいつも美しい、必ずそれはできる、といったアホな affirmation をかけています。

  14. 大和文華館て、梅の次は桜と、お庭もなかなかの物みたいですね。しだれ桜、ゴージャスですね。私も氷室神社のしだれ桜撮りに行きました。ソメイヨシノとは違うかわいさですね。


    Thank you for lovely pictures and a nice information.

  15. In Russia nowadays we often say that thought are corporeal. I agree, we might attract good and bad things to ourselves if we think of them a lot.

    And this tree is so beautiful! I haven't seen a weeping sakura before.

  16. Hello cosmos,
    Thanks for sharing these lovely images.I think the little bird was a gift for you,it's delicate and beautiful.There's much truth in what you say about the subconscious mind but it's not always easy to stay on track!

    Happy weekend,

  17. My heart is filled with these beautiful images of this 30 years old tree.

    Thanks for sharing!

  18. Arti
    I believe what you read is true. When you know “there are frequencies in the universe that tune with your thoughts and help it come true”, you feel grateful and filled with positive energy. It’s not always easy to have this attitude but I am trying to learn.
    Thank you for the comment, Arti.

    Thank you for coming, Jen.
    Mother tree in Fukushima -one of the best three cherry trees in Japan- is estimated 1000 years old. I am happy to see its descendant growing here.
    “People who are positive always seem happy and fulfilled” is so true and they are the people who know “Joy is love-Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls. She gives most who gives with joy”-Mother Teresa

    Thank you for your lovely comment.
    I am a toddler who just started to learn to take pictures. I remember your telling me you take pictures through the eyes of your heart. That’s something I should keep in mind.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your sakura post.

    Red Rose

    It was a perfect day for flower viewing with no crowd around and a fair sky. I was grateful for such a simple joy in everyday life.
    “ always have to be sure to express myself in a positive way and never think of the negative. Otherwise the hypnotism doesn't work”
    I quite agree with you. Thank you for your principle, Jenny.

    You can say that again. I chose to believe my subconscious mind and then I began to feel something is changing inside of me.
    I am happy for you that you are happy.

    コメント ありがとうございます。この三春の桜はあまり知られていないのでしょうか。私も前日に見に行った友達から聞いたものです。関係者の方々のご苦労もあったのでしょうね。この木が一番大きいものですが、あと10数本育っています。

    Your photos and words of your blog are always inspiring. Thank you for coming and leaving encouraging comment.


  19. Roxana
    What a lovely comment! How nice of you to say so!
    I am always impressed with the way you think; deep thoughts and feeling. I don’t know exactly what you mean by the “western positive thinking” or what is happening there but I wish you can be released from tension or frustration, if any, to enable energy to flow into you freely and lighten you up.

    According to the homepage of the museum, it is closed this whole week because of change of exhibits. Visitors could enter the garden not to spoil the opportunity to see such a beautiful weeping cherry tree in bloom.
    Thank you for checking this post.

    I heard that subconscious mind accounts for 90 % of one’s mind. What we usually believe we know or understand about ourselves is only a tip of iceberg.
    In other word, how deep and infinite our mind is if we believe that. Now I have a feeling that something is changing within me.



    “thought are corporeal” I agree. I do wish I attract only good things to myself. This tree is called “waterfall cherry tree”
    Its beautiful flowers really look like waterfall.

    Forest Dream Weaver
    When I heard little birds chirping, I looked for it through a lens. There it was. Yes., it was a gift for me.
    I understand what you mean. I need repeated reminders to realize how true it is that there’s something great within me.
    I am sure you are blessed with lots of inspiration and love.

    Zingo de mopsje
    Thank you for coming. I just started taking photos with this new camera.
    I should be grateful to this tree for being my first object of my photo.
    I’d like to learn how to take photos little by little.

  20. Oh, this is such a beautiful post! And what a impressing tree and great flower. That little bird is cute, have never seen it before.

    Thanks for all your nice comments always.
    Blessed weekend to you:-)

  21. Hi Tanya,
    This bird is often mistaken for Japanese bush warbler but it is white-eye. You can tell by white color around its eyes.
    Thank you for coming, Tanya.

  22. Photos are beautiful flowering trees. Trees are like a waterfall of flowers gentle colors. Spring is spring. The most beautiful season. Sincerely, Peter.

  23. cosmosさん おはようございます。僕ちゃんは帰ってこれれましたでしょうか? 私も心配で心配でならないです。綺麗で可愛い子なので、案外どのたかのお家に上がりこんでいたりするのかもしれないのですが、それはそれで辛いですね。私もそちらまで出掛けて行ってチラシ配ったり行きそうな所を探してみたいです。戻られる事を毎日祈っています。

  24. Anzuさん、心配かけてごめんなさい。知り合いの動物保護のボランティアさんに連絡してみたら、そういう事もあるから心配しなくていいと

  25. Cosomonさん 猫を飼っている人達なら川;゚ο゚)m お気持ち痛いほど判りますよ。ですが、あまりお疲れの出ません様に・・・

  26. ご心配おかけしましたが帰ってきました!

  27. ♫♫°º
    Olá, amiga!
    A natureza é simplesmente maravilhosa.
    É um espetáculo visual todas essas flores.
    Bom fim de semana!
    º° ✿¸.•°❤

  28. Hello Keiko,

    Thank you for your visit and the beautiful comment you left on my blog!
    In a way off topic in another not... I just wanted to tell you about a great movie called "Home" that can be watched on you tube. Maybe you've already seen it, but if not and you have time to take a look, I think you will really like it. It's about our miraculous planet and all the wonders we've been blessed to live among.
    Here's the link:

    My warmest wishes and have a great week!

  29. You truly were blessed to be able to capture the tree in all of its glory.

    I agree with Roxana. Here in the U.S. we are told to be positive about everything and to stay away from negative people. It's unrealistic to live like that, and it's akin to book burning. Thoughts need to be processed rationally, not submitted to a censor we've created in our mind and tossed on the burn pile if they don't meet certain criteria for positivity.

    In massage school we were taught that what we have in our thoughts can translate through our touch to clients. It's a matter of self-control not thought immolation. I truly believe that and take a few moments before each massage to focus my thoughts on healing.

  30. Thank you Roxana for introducing such a great movie.I was attracted with beautiful and miraculous Earth. It's thought-provoking and worth seeing. I wish lots of people to see this movie.

    I think it true that "what we have in our thoughts can translate through our touch".
    I have a friend who can ease the ailing part of body of others by putting her hand to it. She says she tries to empty her mind and wishes energy coming into her to translate through her hand. She says everyone has that inner healing power if only we notice that.
    Thank you w2w for your comment.

  31. こんにちわ、cosmosさん。


  32. you pictures are pretty!!!
    the book sounds very insightful...and I know it is true we become what we think about.....
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  33. Dear Keiko,
    I'm so glad that you've made this discovery. I made it many years ago and do my best to make new ones:)
    The blossom is fantastic!
    Thank you

  34. Petrolin, Magia, Sy, Ruma, Annmarrie, thank you all for coming and leaving lovely comments.
    I am still learning, Tattina ^ ^
    Thank you for coming.

  35. こんばんは。とても美しいです。本家は少し活力が落ちて来てる様です。mrジモも来ていて可愛いです。


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