Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nice To See You

I am Coo, 空 in Chinese character, an eight- month- old boy cat .

I didn’t remember at all but they say I was crying in a cardboard box on a rainy day. A kind person took me to the volunteer group who was protecting poor cats or dogs like me. I was hospitalized for a week and then waited with other mates in a temporal care taker's place for foster parents to adopt  me, where they came in.

Almost two weeks have passed since I came here. I have to say I am a fraidy-cat and a little too shy but as curious as a cat. At first I was so nervous and uneasy that I hid in any and every small space in a room such as  between sofa and walls or under the beds or at the back of boxes, wherever I could lurk. My soft fur gathered lots of dust from here and there. When I felt I was driven into a corner, I stood with my back arched, my ears tilted, hissing at them. It’s not that I didn’t like my new parents and their younger daughter who didn’t bother to come and see me when I first came here but just that it takes time for me to get used to a new surrounding. I just wanted them to leave me alone.

However, I couldn’t resist the lure of food. When I heard the familiar rustling sound of plastic bag of food torn open and my dinner served on my plate, I gave in and couldn’t help purring after all. Little by little I started smelling around to find out what my new house was like. One night I was caught stealing  open canned tuna my mom forgot to put in the refrigerator and bringing it to my room, on the way getting the floor dotted with juice from the can. She forgave me with a smile. Just for this once, I suppose. 

She told me that they had a cat who lived as long as 20 years. When he left this world three years ago, she found it so painful and suffered a wistful sense of loss afterwards. Since then she has decided not to have pets any more.

Three years are enough to ease her grief and things have changed. Thanks to one of her blog friend’s post she admired a lot, she began thinking of taking on life in need again. Maybe it was lucky for me.

This seemingly living creature stimulates my hunting instinct.

 Poor creature! Almost beyond the original features. 
I am catching it by the seemingly tail. Do I look cool?

I have to check weather forecast to prepare for the approaching typhoon

I gradually became friendly with my new parents and find it not so bad the way mom strokes and fondles me when I am sleepy. I have a good feeling I'll get along with them for the rest of my life.

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