Monday, April 9, 2012

A Miracle Maker

Well actually I’m not talking about Sakura, cherry blossoms, or the "miracle worker", Anne Sullivan here.  However, this weeping cherry tree in the garden of the Museum Yamato Bunka-kan (大和文華館) in Nara is now so full in bloom, I’d like to show some of the pictures of it I took today.
This tree grew from a cutting taken from a weeping cherry tree in Fukushima - Miharu Takizakura-   30 years ago. Fortunately the mother cherry tree was not damaged by earthquake and tsunami last year. It is expected to blossom later than its child here.

I didn’t know the museum was closed today but as luck would have it, a guard let me in just to see the garden. There were none but a couple of people and I had the tree all to myself. This was the first time I saw it; what is better, it was in full bloom! I couldn’t help thinking of its home when I saw it.

Well, where does “miracle maker” come in?  I'm glad you asked!
These days, I have been thinking about subconscious mind. I read some Japanese books which introduce Dr. Joseph Murphy’s (1898-1981) idea of the “Golden Rule”: your life is what you imagine it will be, or what you believe makes you who you are. It’s about how to tap the infinite power of the subconscious mind in daily affairs or in business by showing a lot of examples and practical methods for achieving health, a peaceful state of mind, and a better self. 

For example, any idea that is emotionalized or felt by you, your subconscious mind accepts it as true and tries to realize it. So you should always try to impress upon it positive and desirable ideas. Some of you may already know this “law” but for me it was an eye-opener. A subconscious mind within me. It’d be wonderful to believe that; to believe something great within me makes “miracles”. I believe (secretly) my luck today came from it.

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