Monday, October 7, 2013

A Deity of Rice Fields

Ta no Kami (a deity of rice paddies) brought a good harvest this year as usual.

morning mist seen from Amakashi-no-Oka at Asuka, Nara
Here at Inabuchi, Asuka in Nara, Higanbana (red spider lilies or Lycoris radiate) and Kakashi (scarecrow) festival has become a popular annual local event. It is usually held around the Autumn Equinox Day in September.
These beautiful terraced paddy fields are well known.
Red spider lilies (Lycoris radiate) or Higanbana are blooming in flame, so florid in a cluster and yet so delicate when seen closer.



Kakashi is a variation of Ta no Kami since it is expected to observe and protect rice paddies
from animals and birds. In Kojiki, the ancient record of matters compiled in 712, Kakashi appeared as a deity of knowledge and agriculture who was not able to walk but knew everything about the world. It used to be one leg but nowadays it has come in all forms and sizes.

Kakashi contest is held every year. Some are artistic, resourceful, heartwarming, some funny and playful.


this one reminds me of my good old days

This one offering dancing to thank Ta no Kami for a good harvest was selected the best winner at the contest this year by visitors' popularity votes.


My mother-in-law passed away the other day.

May Ta no Kami, a gentle wind, the sky, hills, clouds, flowers embrace the soul with your beneficient smiles, who always gave her unconditional love to her three sons, eight grand-children, ten great-grandchildren and who loved and respected the earth to produce blessing!
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