Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wild plants in season

my garden in spring

Though the weather this spring is uncertain and seemingly has affected vegetable produce, this is the season for picking up a variety of edible wild plants. Some friends of mine made mugwort(ヨモギ)rice cake and gave it to me. I wished I could’ve joined them for that. It tasted so nice.

On top of being tasty, it is known that every herb has its own effect on our body as an alternative medicine. Several years ago, my husband and I took a physical check-up and found both of us had a high blood sugar level, which could lead to diabetes if we didn’t take measures to control it.

That surprised me and made us deal with it seriously. The formula is nothing new; to be careful what we eat, eat less, and moderate exercise. I also learned that some herb, which is commonly found in the field called “カキドオシ" was especially good to reduce blood sugar. We went to pick them up and dried and then simmered them in the water. We drunk it everyday.

A few months later, we went to see a doctor to get a further blood check. We waited for the result in suspense. The doctor, scanning the test result on the paper, asked me with a suspicious look if it was true we had had a high blood sugar level. The herb remedy worked and so did our conscious efforts.

I want to use folk remedy to enhance my well-being, besides walking in the field and feeling the fresh air is a bliss but the trouble is to find the suitable place to pick them up: some places are polluted by the chemicals or car exhaust or dogs’ mess, others are replaced by the buildings. In addition to that, once health problem has gone, I tend to come off guard and indulge in inappropriate foods. I should keep in mind again that nothing is more precious than health.
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