Tuesday, October 9, 2012

In Autumn Landscape

Susuki (Japanese pampas grass or Miscanthus sinensis) is starting to bloom at 曽爾高原 (Soni Heights). Susuki, once called Obana (tail flower) has been popular as one of seven autumn flowers here. They say “susu” means to thrive upright and “ki” to burgeon forth.  

The language of this flower is “can relate to”; I really felt relaxed and grateful for the landscape spreading before me. I was impressed with a little girl, supposedly around two or three years old, toddled her way up to the ridge for herself, holding hands of her mother, encouraged by her family. What a charming and lovely sight.
I am sure she is a potential Yama-girl (mountain lover).

                         On the side of the hill, there is a pond called Okame-ike (turtle pond),
                         however, there is no turtle there, it’s a marsh. It just looks like a 

This shot was taken from afar in summer last year.
                           Soni Heights is easily recognized by its characteristic figure with no trees among  mountain ranges.
             You can see a national lodge vaguely in the middle of the shot.

                                                  pretty flowers around the marsh


          shining and swaying  silver ears and blades bathed in morning sunshine

                               Soft lines on the slopes are covered with flannel like clothes.

In the middle of March every year, they burn those grassfields to promote burgeon of new grass so in summer this highland is filled with fresh green grass, besides those ashes are eco-friendly fertilizer.

                                There is a national lodge on the hillside. The other side of the ridge 
                                is coniferous forests so the ridge is lined with trees.

These simple tone of colors can make a lovely spectacular landscape. You can enjoy walking under a 
clear sky seeing the beautiful autumn scene, besides you can enjoy fresh organic food and beer offered by the nearby restaurant.
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