Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Illumination Fantasy

I have just been to Nabana-no-Sato, a dreamlike resort located in Mie prefecture, where it is now holding a grand-scale lighting festival. I’d like to show some of the pictures I took there.

This is the observatory called “Island Fuji”, which is raised up to 45m high. It looks like UFO floating in the air.

                                                Passing through a “tunnel of lights

                  There’s another tunnel of rainbow whose arch is jeweled with rainbow colored lights.
                  The stream of lights draws a beautiful curve along with the passage

One of the greatest eye-catchers is here; this year’s theme is “Mt. Fuji and the Sea”.
The image of a vast expanse of sea stretches before our eyes. There’s a gentle swell with lights and shades moving and the sea lapping against the shore where we stand with a sound of waves. Occasionally dolphins jump out of the sea.
Far away at the very end of the sea stands imposing figure of a great mountain modeled on Mt. Fuji whose color changes from blue to red alternatively after an interval in the dark.

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