Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Trip to Oirase

The day before yesterday was the first day of winter by the old calendar, still we have relatively warm days. Autumn tints are getting beautiful around my neighborhood. I am wondering how autumn colors are now at Oirase Stream(奥入瀬渓流)…

Oirase Stream was always on my place-to-go list and my dream came true last month at last.

The stream flows from Lake Towada; the large caldera lake situated in the northern part of Tōhoku region.

Lake Towada

The upper passage of the stream draining this lake is famous for scenic sights as long as 14km long with over a dozen waterfalls cascading down into the stream.



This is Choushi Ōtaki (銚子大滝、Great Sake or Japanese wine Bottle Fall)  situated upper most part of the stream. It was spectacular.  Some sake lover might have associated the fall with the mouth of sake bottle, from which sake pours forth out of the bottle; the lake.




orangish red seed of Komayumi (小真弓; euonymus alatus)  Its vivid color among unfledged autumn leaves drew my attention.



Wet fallen leaves under my rain boots on the trail were easy on my knees and eyes. Hotel lent us all necessary outfits from rainboots, umbrellas to raincoats.  Of course I prefer fair day but rain is not that bad. Leaves and trees looked glossy and lustrous because of rain. Changing colors was just beginning.


Stream turns rapid currents, dashing against rocks and swirls and then it flows in a steady continuous stream.

Rich water continuously flowing has brought and nurtured new growths on the fallen trees or even on the rocks and has formed what they are now after many years..


A lounge at the hotel with a big fireplace made by Taro Okamoto
Leaves outside should be ablaze with autumn colors by now

at night

This trip was something special for us three sisters and our spouses.
We came up with this plan to get relaxed and appreciate what we had done to help each other to take care of our aged parents. Each spouse’s cooperation was a great help. Fourteen months later than Mother’s passing away, those taking care days were put an end with an unexpected death of Father in February this year.  These past five years were the time we reunited and strengthened the bond of sisterhood and brothers-in-law hood.  How I was grateful that I had sisters and brothers-in-law as well to share the difficult times with. Now we realize it is the greatest asset our parents left us.

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