Monday, May 13, 2013

Radiance in the Newborns

Now is the time everything looks brilliant. I feel the pleasant breeze with fresh leaves and flowers swaying and bowing. Roses in my garden are about to bloom.

it unfurled now

                                                 What shall I call thee?
                                                 “I happy am.
                                                 Joy is my name”
                                                 Sweet joy befall thee!

                                                 Sweet joy I call thee.
                                                 Thou dost smile
                                                 I sing the while
                                                 Sweet joy befall thee!
                      (from Infant Joy by William Blake, thank you for introducing ,Ekaterina)

His fresh mom breastfeeds and holds him in her arms as often and as much as he wants. She uses cloth diapers to reuse them. To see cloth diapers being hung out brought back good old memories of mine.

in March

My husband and I wanted to plant a tree in celebration of his birth and came across 源平しだれ桃( weeping red and white peach tree). It has red and white and mixed colored blossoms from one single tree. 

Peach flowers for a boy? Aren't they for girls for a peach festival? Oh, don’t forget there’s a famous fairy tale Momotaro, Peach Boy, who is courageous enough to go out to wipe out ogres. 

Multi colored blossoms are frivolous? I don’t care. A combination of a red and white color gives a festive appearance and has been traditionally used in happy, congratulatory occasions such as a form of 饅頭(Japanese sweets) or a curtain whose pattern is vertical red and white stripe. We are looking forward to seeing this tree growing as he is .

A newborn infant is called Aka-chan (Dear Red) here because of their reddish skin, just like these young leaves of the maple tree.

Coo enjoys playing outside for a while; nosing around or chasing flies, ended up falling over flower beds, spoiling flowers...

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