Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Autumn Tints in Tenkawa

The bright sunlight and cool air at night these days was giving me itchy feet and went out for autumn colors. First place in my mind was Mitarai gorge in Tenkawa.

However, it was not anywhere near enough to be aflame with red and yellow leaves and yet some of them were brown and dried. Severe lingering summer heat this year might've something to do with it , I wonder.

What caught my eyes among others was this cobalt blue stream down below the trail seen through trees.


I'm afraid these shots did not do it justice. Its blueness was breathtakingly beautiful with leaves floating on it.

On the way to the top of Kannonmine (観音峰)、these moss green velvets were gleaming.

ceaseless water trickling over the rock welling from the underground of temperate forest

susuki seeing off the plane drawing white line in the blue sky

As autumn is getting deeper, it will show us its best before entering its dormancy.
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