Thursday, September 29, 2011

Congratulations on Your Wedding!

You were the most charming and beautiful ever on your wedding.

The ceremony was held at the church-like chapels at the hotel performed by a bridal priest. Christian-style wedding is very popular here, that is because many  couples, non-religious couple like yours, find it romantic as well as solemn. Some criticize it but I think great existence should be universal, he is sure to bless you whether you are Christian or non-Christian. We attendants celebrated your wedding by singing a hymn “What a friend we have in Jesus”. I love this song very much.

When leaving the reception hall for change of costume, you asked your mother to accompany you. She looked very happy.

I’ve known you since you were small. Since your mother was working, you and your brother often came to my house. You were like my own children. As the youngest of all the cousins on your mum’s side, small and lovable as you were, you were sensible enough to show the consideration to your family members as well as to others.

I know there was a hard time to go through but you learned hard way. When asked to say something without notice beforehand at the wedding reception, I was a terrible speaker with tears welling up and made you cry. I was so sorry. You know I am the one who is easily moved to tears.

It was a beautiful wedding. A wedding is more than just two people getting married. We all witnessed the moment you started a new life.

My best wishes for future happiness, Sae-chan!


  1. Congratulations from me, too, and thank you for letting us see the part of such a special day, cosmos. I think I know how Sae-Chan's mother felt, and how you felt, too. Two months later, my niece is having a wedding. Being two years younger than my daughter, she was part of my family, she was there at any childhood events of my children and I was her substitute mother.

    I found you in the last photo!

  2. Congratulations! Sae-chan looks so beautiful and happy!
    A good marriage must be the deepest and best of pleasures among the finest things in life.
    I wish for them sweet happiness!

    Your header photo is fabulous!

  3. Grats from me! She is beautiful and so are your pictures. I like that you like the song "What a friend we have in Jesus”. A traditional Christian marriage is great. Many people in Norway choose to marry in the church of tradition, even if they are not Christians. Weddings are always moving:-)

    Hugs and blessings from north!

  4. What beautiful photographs. She is a radiant and lovely and very elegant bride. Thanks for sharing this happy occasion with us!

  5. What a cute bride! I enjoyed to read this post imaging the solemn atomosphere in the Chapel.

    Congratulations! And thank you for sharing the happy moments.

  6. stardust

    I hear you're going to Yokohama to attend the ceremony. It'll be a good opportunity to enjoy sightseeing around there as well.
    Hope you'll have a good time and I wish your dear niece happy future.


    Thank you for congratulating Sae-chan. They are now in some European countries on their honeymoon.
    Thank you for the compliment on my garden picture. It's now in the fall version; amethyst sages, cherry sages,blue sages,.. are in full bloom.


    You seem to be a faithful Christian. I learn a lot from you.
    Thank you for a kind comment.

    Jenny Woolf/ haricot

    Thank you for your lovely comments.
    Young couples chose various ways of wedding from not having ceremony to having a modest affair or still having a big one but whichever they choose, I'm happy if they let me join in and wish my dear ones future happiness.

  7. Congratulations from me and my husband!

    This is a very sweet post :)

  8. Thank you, Ekaterina.
    Both of you are so sweet!

  9. Congratulation! Very lovely bride. I wish a happy future comes before them. You are a very tender aunt.
    I noticed you smiling in the picture at last.
    Thank you for sharing great time.

  10. many congratulations and wish the couple a vaery happy and blessed married life :)

    very beautiful photographs and such a pretty bride.


  11. こんにちわ、cosmos さん。


  12. sarah

    The last picture is the one we got taken after the couple saw the invited guests off outside the reception hall. I didn't wear kimono this time since it was held in Himeji, a bit too far from here.
    Thank you for a kind remark, sarah.


    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a nice commnet,Chintan.
    I'll visit yours later.

    今 この一瞬を


  13. おめでとうございます。




  14. Thank you, snowwhite, for a nice comment.


  15. Hello Cosmos!
    Brides almost always look beautiful and radiant on their wedding day,and this bride certainly does.....and of course the bridegroom too looks extremely happy!
    The cake is a work of art!
    Thanks for sharing this splendid family occasion.
    I wish them a joyful and fulfilling life together.
    Best wishes,

  16. Wecome back Ruby,
    The bride asked to decorate the cake with strawberries and angel's wings.
    The moment the couple place a knife into a cake makes a good shot chance. Later a small portion of it is delivered to all the guests. Is yours like that too?

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving the comment, Ruby.

  17. おめでとうございます!お二人のお幸せをお祈りいたします。


  18. Welcome back, Tomoko!
    You can't find me? I am here ^ ^


  19. The bride is a real beauty.
    I wish her long and happy life.
    But I'd prefer to see her in kimono:)

  20. Tattina

    Since many couples choose Christian-style wedding, there're fewer chances to see brides in kimonos. The time when we are most likely to see them wearing kimono is at the ceremony of coming of aged day when they turn 20.
    So colorful and gorgeous!
    Thank you, tattina, for your comment.


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