Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nice To See You

I am Coo, 空 in Chinese character, an eight- month- old boy cat .

I didn’t remember at all but they say I was crying in a cardboard box on a rainy day. A kind person took me to the volunteer group who was protecting poor cats or dogs like me. I was hospitalized for a week and then waited with other mates in a temporal care taker's place for foster parents to adopt  me, where they came in.

Almost two weeks have passed since I came here. I have to say I am a fraidy-cat and a little too shy but as curious as a cat. At first I was so nervous and uneasy that I hid in any and every small space in a room such as  between sofa and walls or under the beds or at the back of boxes, wherever I could lurk. My soft fur gathered lots of dust from here and there. When I felt I was driven into a corner, I stood with my back arched, my ears tilted, hissing at them. It’s not that I didn’t like my new parents and their younger daughter who didn’t bother to come and see me when I first came here but just that it takes time for me to get used to a new surrounding. I just wanted them to leave me alone.

However, I couldn’t resist the lure of food. When I heard the familiar rustling sound of plastic bag of food torn open and my dinner served on my plate, I gave in and couldn’t help purring after all. Little by little I started smelling around to find out what my new house was like. One night I was caught stealing  open canned tuna my mom forgot to put in the refrigerator and bringing it to my room, on the way getting the floor dotted with juice from the can. She forgave me with a smile. Just for this once, I suppose. 

She told me that they had a cat who lived as long as 20 years. When he left this world three years ago, she found it so painful and suffered a wistful sense of loss afterwards. Since then she has decided not to have pets any more.

Three years are enough to ease her grief and things have changed. Thanks to one of her blog friend’s post she admired a lot, she began thinking of taking on life in need again. Maybe it was lucky for me.

This seemingly living creature stimulates my hunting instinct.

 Poor creature! Almost beyond the original features. 
I am catching it by the seemingly tail. Do I look cool?

I have to check weather forecast to prepare for the approaching typhoon

I gradually became friendly with my new parents and find it not so bad the way mom strokes and fondles me when I am sleepy. I have a good feeling I'll get along with them for the rest of my life.



  1. Hello Cosmos!
    I think Coo has indeed found himself a brilliant home and loving family.He's lovely,young animals are so much fun at this age.We have no cats now,the last one died 2 years ago aged 17,but we do have a dog.
    The flower fields look amazing,I've always associated lavender with France but I'm sure it grows all over the world these days.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Cosmos, this is a really beautiful little cat! I'm envious, my daughter is allergic to cats and so I cannot have one...
    And that lavender field - wonderful.

  3. What a lovely cat Coo-chan is! I'm very glad to know that you've found him and decided to keep him as a pet. I bet you make him happy and he also makes you happy. And what you've done so far for him has made the volunteer group very happy too. I think every cat deserves a loving and responsible home! Coo-chan is so lucky that he's found such a responsible family as you who know about cats very well and have much love for them. The lavender field, chamomiles, and blueberries are all beautiful!! Thanks for sharing for these flowers.

    くうちゃん、可愛いです。本当によかったです。人間の都合で捨てられた猫や犬が多すぎます。一生懸命保護活動していらっしゃる方には頭が下がります。くうちゃん、とても幸せですね!「~最も小さい者のひとりにしたのは、すなわち、わたしにした のである」

  4. How adorable he is! He is comforting just to look at him in your lovely photos. I haven’t had a cat, so I’ve learned a little how to deal with a new arrival of a cat. I've enjoyed reading how Coo-chan exploring your house and how he became feel safe and secure gradually. If he's ready, I'd like to see him when I visit you next time. I wonder if Coo-chan will meow loudly like Miru-chan when we have fun... it's my fond memory of Miru-chan. サファイアさんも書いておられますが、別の言葉で、「拾われたのは私たちです。」というのがありました。

    Flower fields are breathtaking. Each and every flower looks singing the praise of lives looking up at the immense blue sky.

  5. I have read a book written by Mori Eto about volunteer parent of dog. The main character in the book has three dogs till their volunteer parent are found....
    I was looking forward to reading about Coo-cyan. It was fun like Soseki's , but was already named Coo. Lovery name like itself.
    Thank you for pleasing.

  6. Your precise description of Kuu-chan makes me realise well his existence, and it let me remember the day my second dog came to our house. Although the manners of them to get use to their new residence were different, they tried to familiar with new parents with big efforts. The little creatures are heartwarming.

    The clouds in your photos are so beautiful!
    Have a nice weekend with a new member of your family.

  7. Coo-chanでした。あわて者で彼に失礼しました。

  8. Hello, Cosmos、 and Nice to meet Coo-chan!!! Coo ちゃん良かったね~~!写真の中でも少しづつ、大胆に、元気になって行く様子が分かりますね。猫は飼ったことないのですが、息子が小学生の頃、林の中のダンボールの中に子犬が捨てられてるのを見つけました。ゴロと名づけたその犬と17年一緒に過ごしました。楽しい思い出沢山あります。Cooちゃんも、沢山の思い出を作ってくれそうですね!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Ruby

    I've heard British people are dog lovers. Do you think it's true? Like many other countries, many people here as well have pets. They give us a lot of pleasure,sometimes troubles
    though,they are a member of their families.

    Thank you for visiting here again, Ruby.


    I'm sorry your daughter is alergic to cats. My elder daughter (not living here now) sometimes sneezed when she came back but not to the extent of alergic. This is the third cat I have kept, but I understand they have quite different character.It's interesting to watch.

    Thank you for the comment, Jenny.


    「~もっとも小さい者のひとりにしたのは、すなわち私にしたのである」 これを正しく理解しているかどうかはわかりませんが、心に深く留めておきたい言葉です。

    I hope summer holidays will help you recharge your batteries.
    Thank you for everything, sapphire.

  10. Almost 14 years have passed since our cat was gone. Still I remember him sometimes in such an occasion when I saw photos of a cat like this.


  11. stardust

    Thank you for remembering Miru. I often find myself calling Coo Miru now. I am wondering if Coo recognizes his own name, but anyhow he recognizes my voice. The big difference between Miru and Coo is, Coo seldom meow. Coo is lean and agile and doesn't snuggle to us except when hungry but when he meows, his voice is so sweet snd lovable. its silky voice is just like "ねこなで声" (^^)

    Stay healthy, stardust.


    One woman of volunteer group I know of has now 5 dogs and 3 cats at her house. They protect stray cats and dogs till they find foster parents for them. They get them neutered and vaccinated and train them to be house-broken and when they find care taker of them, they bring them to their house with food. I can't respect them enough for their devotion to protecting small animals.

    Thank you, sarah, have a nice day.


    空(kuu) and Coo are homonym. I like the word 空 and its sound.
    Thanks to him, I have someone? to talk to except my husband.
    Please say hi to your Daisy, haricot.



    Thank you, redrose, have a happy week.


    What a clever and happy cat Nini-chan was!

    Thank you, snowwhite, have a nice week.

  12. Tattina

    I don't know what's wrong but that kind of thing sometimes happens.
    I have been unable to put a comment on your blog but a friend of mine gave me a good hint to solve the problem and it worked.
    Anyway I'll quote your comment here. I'm happy you'll use my post in your class.I'm looking forward to hearing about the class.

    "I'd like to put a comment for the post about a cat, but there is no place for comments there in your blog.
    So I want to say, that I liked the story very much and I'll use it for the work with my pupils ( I teach English).
    I am sure they will be glad to learn the story to be able to retell it.
    In autumn I'll send you a report about their results :) I am waiting for new interesting stories from Japan!
    We are all dying from heat here in central russia too.
    Tatyana "

  13. I'm so happy that Coo found such a wonderful family. We had an older cat at the time that our Peanut came to live with us. The older one did not get along with the youngster very well, but when her time on earth was nearing an end, it seemed like she was telling Peanut to take good care of her family. There was no mistaking the communication taking place between the two of them.

    You have two of my favorite flower scents pictured, the chamomile and lavender. And the blueberries look wonderful. Life is sweet!

  14. So Peanut seems to try to keep her promise from a predecessor by patrolling the neighbors. I hope she's doing a good job.

    When I took the pictures of blueberries, I was thinking about you and your blueberry story.
    Have a nice day, W2W.

  15. Hi Cosmos!
    Thanks for your visit and nice comment.
    I enjoy you blog and like your pictures very much. Beautiful and lush landscapes. In particular, the yellow flowers and meadow are beautiful.
    Regards from Tania:-)

  16. Such a cute cat! I'm glad he found a new home, I'm sure he'll be happy with your family. ^_^

    We also have blueberries here in Finland. I wish we had a bigger freezer to keep them all for winter.


  17. Hello!
    Thank you for your concern about my country. We appreciate the support from abroad.
    God bless you!

  18. Cosmos,I think we possibly are dog lovers but as far as I can see there seem to be just as many cats.Cats may not be counted so easily!

  19. The story of your Kitty, Coo, makes a lovely tale for children - I'll read it to my Grands. I also still miss a beloved pet (Breezy my Golden Retriever died 6 years ago). I hope little Coo lives a long and happy life. PS The flower photos are splendid!

  20. Ruby

    Thank you for the reply. I know what you mean. My neighbor sometimes walks their cat on a leash, though just around the house.


    Thank you for your kind comment. It is a great encouragement to me.

  21. Coo is adorable, Keiko! Thank you very much for the link. Also your story together is very touching. I'm happy you decided to take another cat, I'm sure you'll have special days with him and wish he lives at least 20, same as your second beloved cat.
    I greatly admire and respect volunteers taking care of abandoned animals and people like you, who decide to take into care an "ordinary" cat or dog, from a shelter, instead of a pure-bred one.

    Say hi to Coo for me and have a great week ahead, my friend! You've put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Thank you!


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