Thursday, June 9, 2011

White Love in the Forest

It seems a break in rainy season now. While the rain is away…I've been  to Mt. Odaigahara in the hope that pristine white flowers would see me in full bloom.

It was overcast and  the views of mountain ranges seen from Mt.Hidegatake(1694m) was obscure. Far over there I should’ve seen open sea of Kumano-nada. This place has an average of outstanding annual rainfall of 4,800mm and fogs often lie around.

There is a trail both sides of which are fully lined with Shiroyashio or also called Goyotsutsuji (Rhododendron quinquefolium), a kind of azalea , but unfortunately they were not blooming yet. What a discouragement!

I thought I had to forget about it today, and then as walking on, I found them in full bloom! They were not showy, not so strong self-assertive but lovely with full of pristine whiteness and blended into lush green, adding all the more refreshing air in the woods. The language of the flower is “delight of love”. I think, however, “first love” fits the flower much better.

       Shiroyashio is an emblem of Aiko,Princess Toshi-no-miya, a daughter of Crown Prince Naruhito. 

                            The weather in the mountain is changeable. The mist is
                            coming from nowhere  and covers everything softly and

Trees have been watching and hearing what has been happening with their leaves, their branches, their roots, with their whole body.(related  news is here)   When I am sad, they console me. When I am happy, they are happy for me. That’s why I sometimes want to come and talk to them.

Image is taken from web site.

Red line shows a popular trekking course. It takes about three and a half hours.


  1. I remember your Autumn version of Odaigahara well. I visited to Hidegatake just after that with my husband and my dog. She is tiny, so only one hour walk was enough long, and for me, too, though I'm not tiny at all.(^^;)
    If I knew more about trees, names and other nature, it mould be more interesting for me to walk in a forest. Yet, I like trees, and I love your final shot that shows evaporation of fog among trees.

  2. Hi haricot,
    You were accompanied by your dog! She doesn't mind a long drive?
    It was good for her for a change.
    I came across trekkers with their dogs or young parents with their small children on their back. They will make their children good yama(mountain)-girls and yama-boys.
    Thank you for your comment.

  3. Hello, Cosmos.
    沢山の Shiroyashioの写真、さわやかです!
    やはり lush green の中でこそ、その白さが引き立ちますね。学生時代に友人と二人で美ヵ原に行きました。1メートル先がようやく見える程の濃霧で、心細く、ただひたすら黙々と足元の道を追いながら歩き続けて、ユースホステルまでたどり着いたことを覚えています。あくる日は晴天でユースホステルの窓から見た一面見渡す限りの美ヵ原を見た時は感激!しました。I like the tenth photo very much.
    Have a nice weekend,Cosmos.

  4. Wow, beautiful, refreshing series of photos! My favorite is the first one which I like the color tone and looks like water color painting and the tenth. Like redrose, I remember your post about Odaigahara in autumn. How blessed we are to be able to enjoy different colored tapestry woven by nature.

    "...not so strong self-assertive but lovely with full of pristine whiteness and blended into lush green, adding all the more refreshing air in the woods." How nice your description! Yes, I totally agree.

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Redrose
    Thank you for your comment, redrose.

  6. Stardust
    we can enjoy at least as many as four different beautiful pieces of sceneries in every change of season. Even in a moment, in an hour, changes are produced in the hues and shapes. Being surrounded in nature seems unfailing interest.
    Have a nice outing!

  7. I meant "like haricot", as you might understand.

    Thank you for your response to my comment.

  8. I saw your comment on Sapphire's site and decided to stop by. What a lovely site you have! I'm also one of those people who loves to lose herself in the woods (not literally, though).

  9. Hi cosmos

    Really sorry for commenting very late. I've been very busy recently. And many thanks for your kind words so far. As I have never been to Mt. Odaigahara nor have I seen the beautiful white flowers called "Shiroyashio" before, I've learned many things from you! WOW! Shiroyashio is Princess Aiko's emblem! I didn't know it at all. I also love to go on a hike and love cats!!

    遅くにおじゃまして申し訳ないです。まだ猫についてコメントには返事が遅れておりまする。 大台ケ原、一度行ってみたいです。ありがとうございます。

  10. walk2write,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. As you can see, my blog is too simple and this is the way I am. I'm looking forward to visiting yours.

  11. sapphire

    You've made my day!
    I am so happy you visited my blog and left a comment.


  12. Whenever I read your blog, I get very happy to find Japan is still rich in nature and hope we will be able to pass it down to the future children.
    In Nara Park, there is no woods like this, but I feel very comfortable and recharged even in a tiny forest.
    I love the expression "first love" which tells me everything.
    Cosmos, thank you for magnificent photos and words.

  13. snowwhite

    Thank you for your lovely comment.I guess your energetic approach to work keeps you terribly busy. Please take a good rest.

    Nara park is a fascinating place.
    I love it too. Through your creative stunning photos, I can always enjoy different angles of it and traditional events as well.

  14. cosmos,


  15. Hello Cosmos!

    What a beautiful place,so lush and green.....quite magical! The flowering trees are lovely,especially when viewed full screen.It's just as well you are familiar with this place,the mist creates a really spooky scene!

    I love the sensitive way you talk about trees.

    Enjoy your week!

  16. Hello Ruby,

    I have never had such dense mists in the mountain before. I hoped we'd not be a story in a corner of the local news saying "a senior couple were missing" following day
    (^ ^;)
    Have a nice week, Ruby.

  17. Hi, Cosmos.
    I didn't know Shiroyashio is a symbol of Princess Aiko Toshinomiya. When I drive on freeways in mountains, I sometimes watch white-flower trees. They may be shiroyashio though I thought it's Yamaboushi. Five petals seems to appropriate a symbol.

  18. Hi Sarah
    At this time of the year, many tree with white flowers are blooming. Unless you take a closer look at them, you can't say what they are. Shiroyashio is relatively in high mountains and not so florid,so I don't think what you saw might be them or I may be wrong.
    Anyway, thank you,Sarah.


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