Monday, November 30, 2009

How about New Year's Dishes ?

It's December now. Time really flies. I'm afraid it's a bit too early to talk about "Osechi" now, but what do you usually make for New Year's dishes? Today I learned some of them from a friend of mine, a cooking teacher. She kindly offers a special lesson once a month for friendship's sake at her house.

The ingredients she uses are neither something special nor expensive but familiar, common ones. She spares no efforts, time and energy to create affectionate and tasty savory dishes. Such dishes really make a difference. At least once a month, that is a reminder for me that "you are what you eat". To satisfy your stomach with good food and share the joy with family or friends brings health in body and mind.

dried Japanese radish (切干大根の紅酢あえ)right side on the leaf in the picture and burdock with nut's flavor (ナッツ風味のたたきごぼう)bottom left are freshly tasty. Are you interested ?
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